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Attention members


AEP has requested volunteers to help with a project evaluation on the Elbow River. It’s the spawning gravel rehabilitation project that ultimately could be very beneficial to both the Elbow and Bow River Fisheries. Please read the attached pdf for further information.


This is an evolving project that just came up. Specific dates will be available shortly. Please email if you are interested in helping with this unique project. You do not need to volunteer for the complete project. Two time windows are available - one or both would be greatly appreciated. 


Once specific dates are available I will let you know the when and where.


Thanks in advance.


David Blair

On behalf of the Government Liaison Committee AOGAA

Alberta Whirling Disease Committee

Local guide and member of the AOGAA Paul Grindlay (BSc Zoology) has been a volunteer member of the Alberta whirling disease committe since its inception in 2017.

He provides insights and observations from guides and anglers at meetings and relays information updates to the AOGAA board and membership.

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