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S.O.S. - Save Our Slopes

S.O.S. Save Our Slopes! The Eastern Slopes needs your voice.

In June 2020 the Coal Association of Canada and Alberta Energy Minister, Sonya Savage, cancelled the 1976 Coal Policy that had protected much of Alberta’s Eastern slopes from open pit mining.

The cancellation of this policy means that previously protected areas are now at risk of being actively mined for coal. Open pit coal mining in the Eastern Slopes will impact our headwaters, native trout species, landscape, tourism operators including members of this Association, and more.

The Eastern Slopes is cherished by so many who love the outdoors. The recent success of the Pebble Mine movement in the U.S. proves that speaking out on resource issues can be successful.

Right now we NEED to be the voice for our watersheds. You can make a difference by letting your elected officials know that you are not ok with open pit coal mining on Alberta’s Eastern Slopes.

We urge everyone to share this post in your stories, profiles, or on any groups you manage so we can get as many Canadians as possible to speak up.

For more information or to get involved on this issue please visit:

For more action you can take see the previous blog post on this site

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